The Sweetest Rose

The Sweetest Rose traces the history of Yorkshire County Cricket Club over its 150 years, from its birth in Sheffield in January, 1863, right up to the present day. It is a tale of triumph (Yorkshire have won the County Championship more times than any other county) and inner turmoil (the Club's hierarchy having been ousted by a members' revolution during the 1980s).

The book spotlights the leading personalities attached to the Club, both on and off the field, and seeks to establish exactly what it is that has made it the greatest cricket club in the world.

Filling over 400 pages, The Sweetest Rose is the ultimate book for fans of YCCC, covering the many ups and downs of the Club during its entire 150 year history. It presents an independent view of the Club giving fans access to the real story of the Club - warts and all.

Author David Warner has reported on Yorkshire's fortunes from 1975 and for 33 years was Yorkshire cricket correspondent for three local newspapers. He is also editor of the much acclaimed Yorkshire CCC Yearbook.

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ISBN 9781905080311
Published 1st November
Category Sport, History
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David Warner, 23rd August 2012
Yorkshire County Cricket Club, born in 1863, remains as robust as ever in 2013, 150 years on. It's an anniversary worth celebrating because the club has a history which few others can get close to matching.

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