Lost Empires

In the months before the First World War, Richard Herncastle joins his Uncle's Illusionist act on the Music Hall stage. An evocation, both funny and sad, of a young man's awakening to the world of love and sex, Lost Empires is also a richly coloured portrait of a life soon to change irrevocably.

Received with rave reviews when first published in 1965, this Priestley classic was later made into a major television series starring Colin Firth. Set in the world of Music Hall, Priestley delivers a captivating snapshot of fascinating period in theatre history whilst creating a social drama with believable and intriguing characterisation.

Introduced by Barry Cryer and Roy Hudd.
Foreword by Tom Priestley.

At a glance

ISBN 9781905080373
Published June 2012
Category J B Priestley
Limited Edition Signed by Tom Priestley

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