Angel Pavement

Angel Pavement is a social panorama of the city of London seen largely through the eyes of the employees of the firm Twigg & Dersingham, on the first floor of No. 8, Angel Pavement (a small cul- de-sac in the heart of London's commercial district) Angel Pavement provides readers with a vivid picture of ordinary London life before the war and the blitz changed everything dramatically and is set against the background of the great depression.

The story centres around the arrival of a mysterious Mr Golspie at Twigg and Dersingham from the Baltic region. Business at the firm has been struggling but Mr Golspie looks set to change its fortunes. His arrival turns life upside down for everyone connected with the firm and not just their work lives but all is not what it seems with Mr Golspie...

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ISBN 9781905080601
Published Autumn 2012
Category J B Priestley
Limited Edition Signed by Tom Priestley

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DJ Taylor The Guardian, 10th September 2012
As for Angel Pavement's place in the literary canon of the 1930s, it is a terrific example of the mainstream novel's occasional habit of noticing some of the features of ordinary life that so-called highbrow productions routinely ignore and veering off.

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