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Joe Maiden - grower, horticulturist, seed merchant, nurseryman - has had a huge following on local radio for an amazing forty years. In part because of his instantly recognisable voice, he also has a remarkable ability to answer almost every question put his way. The humour, humility and practical knowledge displayed in these answers tell you at once that he has done the job hundreds of times.

Now in response to countless requests, Joe has at last set down this knowledge in a much-needed book that puts gardening firmly in a Yorkshire context. It looks at a wide variety of subjects ranging from vegetables to bedding plants and from fruit to rock gardens. Each section has its own growing guide and a series of question and answers, as well as humorous tales that embrace a giant pumpkin, onions in bow ties and a very special 'tattie bash'! Featuring many specially taken photographs, this is truly a gardening book with a difference.

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ISBN 9781905080793
Category Yorkshire
Pages 160 pages
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Garden Answers Magazine, 6th January 2011
Joe's new gardening guide, Grow with Joe, covers all aspects of gardening from vegetables and bedding plants to lawns and hedges. His down-to-earth instructions make this book a fantastic reference guide.

Huddersfield Examiner, 13th November 2010
What sets this book apart is its humour and this valuable guide is peppered with personal anecdotes garnered from a lifetime of working with the soil. Beautifully illustrated and carefully laid out in sections, this is bound to be a valuable resource f...

Yorkshire Post, 11th November 2010
Grow With Joe is ... pretty much a complete journey through the world of gardening, from preparation to sowing, from pest control to harvesting. All that knowledge and all that experience crammed into just 160 pages....He doesn't beat about the bush; h...

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