The Great Book of Rhubarb

Discover the history of rhubarb, which was widely used in medicines in China and Russia before it arrived on British shores in the 14th century and learn why it fell out of favour in the latter half of the 20th century only to rise again as an A-list celebrity of super foods in the 21st.

Rhubarb appears in pies, tarts, puddings, mousses and fools. From sophisticated jellies to hearty crumbles on a winters' day or as a sauce for meat or fish, rhubarb is at home on the main course as it is with the puddings. Add it to jam, to a chutney or relish, turn it from vegetable to wine or steep it in vodka.

Packed with handy tips and delicious recipes for using rhubarb in the kitchen, both as a dessert and part of a main course and even advice on growing rhubarb at home, The Great Book of Rhubarb covers everything you would ever need to know about this versatile vegetable. Beautifully illustrated, an ideal gift book.

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ISBN 9781905080939
Category Food & Drink
Pages 80 pages

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