The Great Book of Yorkshire Pudding

To countless Yorkshire men and women, nothing is more symbolic of God's Own County than Yorkshire Pudding. Yet just how the dish achieved this position of supremacy is shrouded in mystery. The only certainty is that few subjects generate more argument when forthright Yorkshire people gather together.

This book provides the answers to many age-old questions and quarrels. Here is the rebuttal of unjust allegations that pure meanness caused Yorkshire Pudding to be served in tiny portions as a starter. Here too is the terrible tale of what happened to a West Riding housewife caught using an electric mixer for the batter. And the sad fact that Lancashire people used to eat Yorkshire Pudding as a dessert is confirmed.

The book includes detailed recipes for making Yorkshire Pudding and its variants such as Toad in the Hole. Explanations as to what might have gone wrong when the dish turns out flat and soggy could help to avoid marital breakdown. Finally, Yorkshire personalities comment on why the dish is so special to them, and we bring the story up-to-date with a look at current attempts to give protected status for our Sunday favourite so that it can only be made in Yorkshire.

Elaine Lemm writes and edits the New York Times website on British and Irish food The section on Yorkshire Pudding is consistently the most visited page on the site.

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ISBN 97819050890809
Published May 2013
Category Food & Drink
Pages 64 pages
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