English Journey 2018 Limited Edition Hardback


by JB Priestley

Priestley’s classic travelogue, republished in it’s original text format

Limited Edition Hardback
Only 100 copies printed of this hardback edition

Introduced by Stuart Maconie

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“The finest book ever written about England and the English.” Stuart Maconie

In 1934 JB Priestley published an account of his journey through England from Southampton to the Black Country, to the North East and Newcastle, to Norwich and home. In capturing and describing elements of the English landscape and people hitherto unseen in literature of its kind, he influenced political thinking through the thirties and forties and helped formulate a growing consensus for change that led to the formation of the welfare state.

Insightful, humorous, moving and as relevant today as it was over 80 years ago, English Journey expresses Priestley’s deep love of his native country and teaches us much about the human condition and the nature of Englishness. A book anyone interested in England and English characters should read.

““Priestley never wrote better than in these pages. They remain required reading for all of us.” Dame Margaret Drabble

“English Journey is an important book that has a literary importance and social value that far exceeds the time it was written.” Dame Beryl Bainbridge

“This is a wonderful book: profound, wise, humane.” Nina Bawden

“Written in the elegant, simple language which was an essential part of Priestley’s brilliance.  It is, in consequence, a masterpiece” Roy Hattersley

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