Yorkshire – Ancient Nation, Future Province


This is an important book about one of England’s most fascinating regions – Yorkshire. Colin Speakman explores Yorkshire’s origin as an independent Anglo-Viking Kingdom whose capital was York, which for many centuries was England’s second city. Yorkshire was divided into not one but three ancient counties or shires, East, North and West Riding, which survived until 1974.

The book celebrates the extraordinary variety of landscapes and rich cultural heritage through what is described as the nine great “cultural landscapes” that make Yorkshire one of the most distinctive and fascinating regions  of England.


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As an environmentalist, Speakman’s interest lies primarily in the landscapes of the Dales, Moors, Wolds and South Pennines, but this is blended with an understanding of the cultural and industrial forces that shaped the landscapes we see today. But this ground-breaking book also looks ahead to a new post Brexit, post pandemic world in which the environment takes centre stage, with the emergence of new greener technologies that promise new economic prosperity for the people of the region, making a powerful case for English Devolution to allow Yorkshire to fulfil its potential within both Britain and Europe.

This is a very different book about Yorkshire. It is about celebrating many aspects of the region’s history, beauty, diversity and variety in the early 21st century.  “The author takes a panoramic look at the broad acres unearthing fascinating facts from all corners along the way, while skilfully weaving them into a narrative of what the future may hold culturally, economically and politically for us”  – The Dalesman

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