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British Railways Standard Pacifics (YP)

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by Peter Tuffrey

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Available with a dedicated bookplate, signed by Peter Tuffrey

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Product Description

British Railways Standard Pacifics features steam locomotives in the Britannia, Duke of Gloucester, and Clan classes.

  • There are photographs of every Britannia class locomotive, the Duke of Gloucester and all the Clan class engines.
  • A book of this nature has not been seen before.
  • There is a considerable number of evocative colour pictures as well as an abundance of pin-sharp black and white images.
  • The total number of pictures is around 300.
  • The captions are well-researched and informative.
  • The Britannia class locomotives are seen in various locations up and down the country: in London, the West Country, East Anglia, North West, Yorkshire and many other areas. The Clan Class are mainly seen operating in Scotland but a few are seen south of the Border.
  • Many engines are depicted undertaking a variety of duties as well as being captured on shed. Several are seen on works and on the scrap line.
  • The book will be of interest to both rail enthusiasts and social historians alike.

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