Hannah Hauxwell – 80 Years in the Dales (Kindle only)

by Hannah Hauxwell and WR Mitchell

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Hannah’s life changed dramatically when she was ‘discovered’ by the press, then by Yorkshire Television. A film, Too Long a Winter, which on first showing gave five million people an insight into her hard life, led to instant celebrity. This was a status she was to retain through her last few years of farming and into quiet retirement in a village not many miles from Low BirkHatt, where her solitary – but never lonely – farming life unfolded.

This book updates and puts into perspective the Hannah Hauxwell story. It has been written by one who regularly visited her on the farm. He has also sat beside her on the platform at public appearances when she invited questions. Some of her homely answers, with a touch of wit, are recorded. Read also about her last years in farming, about the circumstances of the sale that took place when she retired and of some of her activities and friendships in various parts of her beloved north-country.

Hannah, through television, toured Europe and the New World and attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace. She also rejoiced, in later years, when she was introduced to the Lake District and when Cedric Robinson, the official Guide, accompanied her on a jaunt across the Sands of Morecambe Bay.

Through all the changing scenes of life ? as one of her favourite old hymns has it – Hannah has retained her faith, her modesty and her charm…

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