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Leeds: Changing Places (YP)

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Leeds – Changing Places documents the developing streetscape at the heart of the city over the last 100 years, by comparing old postcard views with modern colour digital photographs. 

Available with a dedicated bookplate, signed by Peter Tuffrey (what is this?)

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Modern Leeds is a vibrant, bustling city. A shopper’s paradise, its broad streets and modern shopping centres offer the latest tastes and favourite brands. It is also a major UK hub of finance and commerce.

In many ways, it has always been so. Leeds has a knack for being a savvy city, keeping apace with trends, constantly modifying to accommodate new lifestyle habits, in a bid to make the place a desirable area to shop, work and do business.

Moving with the times has meant the appearance of the city is constantly evolving. Leeds: Changing Places is a fascinating, photographic insight which charts these changes over the last 100 years, by comparing the past with the present. In the old photographs, Leeds is awash with bold Victorian buildings reflecting Baroque, Gothic and Classical influences.

Electric trams weaved their way along the main thoroughfares. Traders, full of character, proudly displayed their varied, and often niche goods, for all to see. Today’s blend of Victorian architecture, 1920s and 1930s Art Deco, alongside contemporary Brutalist structures, create a diverse streetscape, brought to life by Peter Tuffrey in this intriguing book for a wide audience to enjoy.

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