Bright Day 2018 Limited Edition Hardback (YP)


by JB Priestley

Limited Edition Hardback
Only 100 copies printed of this hardback edition

Introduced by Margaret Drabble


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‘A gripping and readable novel, with a powerful page-turning plot.’ Margaret Drabble

Disillusioned writer Gregory Dawson is holed up in a Cornish hotel writing a script he must finish. A chance encounter in the bar triggers memories of the doomed world of his youth before the slaughter of The First World War and forces him to remember his time within a close-knit Yorkshire community, his days spent with the Alington family and his first, tentative steps towards becoming an author. Caught up in this lost world, he realises that to have any chance of a bright future he must first exorcise the ghosts of his past and come to terms with a tragedy that has haunted him for decades.

Jungian, semi-autobiographical and Priestley’s own personal favourite, Bright Day is a story and a journey laced with warmth, colour and Priestley’s trademark compassion and tenderness.

“Bright Day is as bright as its title, so full of youth’s golden hours that one could call it a Golden Retrospective, or the Golden Book of J.B. Priestley.” Manchester Evening News

“Bright Day is good Priestley… its republication is an event to be celebrated.” Melvyn Bragg

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