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How to live a life less ordinary

by Jessica Knowles

A witty, trailblazing book that will inspire you to ditch the sofa and the package holiday for the wonders of an active, outdoors lifestyle.

Beautifully produced in hardback. Pictures throughout.

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Jessica Knowles has always embraced the great outdoors. But growing up, she often wondered why adventurers were always men. Where were the women? Where were the intrepid female voices of exploration and travel? Determined to break the mould, Jessica embarked on a series of adventures with her canine companion, Pepper, and discovered that life is all the more fulfilling when you live a life less ordinary.

As Jessica says, ‘This is a lifestyle I only learnt about in my late twenties after buying my first dog, an overly enthusiastic Hungarian Vizsla named Pepper. I know, I am late to the party. Now I finally feel like I can feel confident with the fact I would prefer to wear trainers to stilettos, and I find a free dog walk is as beneficial as a £100 an hour therapy session. I’ve done both.’

Jessica’s sparky narrative shares stories of their beaten track adventures, which reshaped her outlook on life. It explores the idea that steering a life with more balance (which generally means more time outside and less time inside) leads to a life which is healthier, happier and much more fulfilled.

This book is aimed to motivate people to live in the present and embrace change. It shows a journey of self-reflection and how through a variety of experiences, from owning a dog to owning a pair of walking boots, it has nourished her wellbeing.

“It has only taken a global pandemic for the world to realise we were weaned from Mother Nature too soon reminding us that the simple things in life are the best. During the coronavirus time spent outdoors is now a global currency we are bartering for as we desperately want more time to spend out and less time in for our mental and physical health. Not only will this pandemic restore balance to society through creating new relationships between man and nature, but it will reinforce how the outdoors and a slower pace of life is the medicine we have been yearning for all along.

You do not need to go on a holiday to the Himalayas to feel like you are living a fuller life. Whether you are living in a high rise or the High Peaks, achieving a happier and healthier life is limitless.”

About the Author 

By day a primary school teacher, Jessica Knowles spends her spare time with her dog and fiancé Tim on their ‘Dogventures’, writing about them for her blogging website and sharing her ‘pupdates’ via social media. Her Instagram has reached nearly 40,000 followers. This has led to assignments for well-known names such as the Daily Mail, BBC Radio, Regatta, Harringtons Pet food, Pets at Home, Country File Live and many more. She has written product articles for shops, numerous local papers and spoken on Talk Radio, BBC Leicester & BBC Derby. Her children’s book Adventures of Pepper the Ginger Dog was published in 2018.

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