Milkman Mike Series


Milkman Mike book series

Milkman Mike and the Runaway Bottles
Milkman Mike and the Spaceship
Milkman Mike and the Fire Engine
Milkman Mike and the Football Match

Written by Chris Berry
Illustrated by Nicky Mills 

The Milkman Mike children’s book series for ages 2–7 years starts with a set of 4 delightful books featuring Milkman Mike, his dog called Spike and Farmer Cream. 

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Milkman Mike books are a delightful children’s series for those aged from 2 to 7 years, ideal for those bedtime reads with parents and then when children can read themselves. 

Milkman Mike lives with his ‘big daft dog’ Spike in idyllic countryside in the beautiful village of Dairyville and collects his milk from Farmer Cream every morning.

Each of the Milkman Mike stories sees Mike and Spike out delivering milk and Spike always ends up being a bit silly along the way.

In this first set of 4 books Spike attempts to chase after the runaway bottles, he acts asleep while Mike sees a spaceship, he gets stuck up in a tree and he bursts a football. 

Everything is solved by Mike with a bottle of milk and a cup of tea.

These lovely books are the first in a series that will see further Milkman Mike stories next year. There  is already talk of an animated series similar to Postman Pat and Fireman Sam

About the author 

Chris Berry loves bringing characters to life, breathing fun and entertainment into his books and creating beautifully crafted stories. This is his first children’s series. Chris came up with the characters Milkman Mike, Spike, Farmer Cream and others in these books while telling bedtime stories to his two little boys Russell and Stewart, who both contributed. Chris loves the countryside and farming too. He has written about rural life every week in the Yorkshire Post for many years.


Nicky Mills’ whimsical and playful illustrations bring to life Milkman Mike, Spike and Farmer Cream. Nicky has illustrated several children’s books from magical lands to hero chameleons, yogi giraffes, well-trained puppies and even aliens! Her fun-loving and colourful watercolour work is her passion. Nicky is endorsed by Channel 4’s Kirstie Allsopp as one of her ‘New Makers’ and also appeared live on BBC The One Show and Look North with her charming illustration work.’

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the Runaway Bottles, the Spaceship, the Fire Engine, the Football Match, Set of 4