Big Tales from My Little Farm

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By Farmer Chris
with Chris Berry
Foreword by Julian Norton


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Celebs on the Farm judge and The Yorkshire Vet regular Farmer Chris follows up his acclaimed autobiography Farming, Celebs & Plum Pudding Pigs – The Making of Farmer Chris with tales of hilarity, heartbreak, happiness, hopelessness and his own refreshing honesty, best summed up with his personal assessment, ‘Had I thought this through’

Big Tales from My Little Farm sees Farmer Chris at home in North Yorkshire with his wife Farmer Kate on their 40-acre farm and tells of how Chris finally realised his dream of becoming a farmer and then realised just how much he had to learn. 

Laugh-out-loud humour, cry-out-loud despair and varying degrees of astonishment, frustration, achievement and disbelief follow as Chris looks on as a massive cattle feeding ring falls off the back of his trailer as he is going uphill, his tractor steering fails on a country lane, his sheep escape again along with his goats, his cattle win major prizes, his sow only has a litter of one piglet and his Jack Russell terrier eats a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange!  

Chris’s good friend Julian Norton (The Yorkshire Vet) provides the foreword plus an additional chapter. Farmer Kate provides the words ‘Oh Christopher!’

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